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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL To use verbs and adverbs

Success criteria: I can use verbs and adverbs to describe what is happening


Learning Journey

Revisit last week's learning about verbs. Discuss - what are verbs? Can you tell me some? What do we need to add if we want to use verbs to something that has already happened? (Add 'ed'). 


Look at the worksheet with blank box. What do you think happened to Egg Box Dragon? Will he change? Will he stay the same? Will something or someone else appear? Draw what you think happened in the box. Generate some verbs to describe what you think has happened. Annotate the picture as last week, by writing verbs around the edge.


Digging Deeper

Can you describe how the Egg Box Dragon jumped/walked/ran? (jumped happily; ran madly; walked quickly)


Keep the sheet for tomorrow's independent writing.


Independent Writing Task

Explain that the children will be writing some sentences to describe what they think will happen to Egg Box Dragon using their sheets from yesterday as a writing prompt.

Ask children what they think we will looking for in their sentences (capital letters, full stops, ed suffix for past tense verbs). Please allow the children to generate what they think should be the success criteria, questioning them to guide them towards these learning outcomes.


On lined paper, using 'Egg Box Dragon' as their heading, we would like the children to independently write their version of what happened next in the story. This piece of writing will be used to help us assess your child's application of literacy skills taught to date, and would ask that you do allow them to attempt this task independently.  

Thank you.


WAIL To identify syllables

          To know the features of a haiku


Success criteria: I can clap the number of syllables in words

                            I can say what a haiku is

                            I can recognise the features of a haiku


Learning Journey

What is a syllable? Remind children of music lessons before Christmas - clapping the beat of a word. Share PowerPoint. 

Share the poem on the 'Haiku' PowerPoint.
Can you count the syllables in each line? How many lines are there? 

(There is also a sheet with ideas for missing words filled in).

When you have finished your haikus, choose one to learn off by heart.


WAIL To use the features of a haiku

Success criteria: I can use the features of a haiku to finish a poem


Learning Journey

Discuss yesterday's learning - what is a haiku? What are the features of a haiku?

Work through the PowerPoint presentation.


WAIL To use the features of a haiku

Success criteria: I can use the features of a haiku to write a poem


Learning Journey

Today the children are going to write their own poem about the Egg Box Dragon. Discuss events from the story and make a list. Which event would you like to write about?

Once you have decided, write your own haiku about one of the Egg Box Dragon's adventures. Remember,  5-7-5 syllables. Practise writing it on scrap paper or a white board. When you have finished your poem, copy it out into the writing frame.