National Profile

We have worked hard to develop a positive learning environment for our children based on high self-esteem, different learning styles and success for all –we believe everyone is gifted and talented at something (In which ways are you SMART?). A major focus of our teaching is to provide broad and creative learning experiences for all our children.

National Awards

Over the last few years we have been delighted to renew a number of national awards:

  • Basic Skills Quality Mark, which is given to schools who effectively plan and teach reading, writing and mathematics.
  • National sports Activemark, to acknowledge the range of physical activities and commitment to physical education that we include in our curriculum.
  • International School Award, to acknowledge our rich and diverse curriculum and the international links we have made.
  • Every Child Matters quality mark in recognition for the support and quality provision we give to our more vulnerable children.
  • Outstandingly Happy School Award. Glastonbury Thorn school is the first Infant school in the country to receive this prestigious award.

We are very proud of Glastonbury Thorn and feel it is important to share our successes with you as they are a reflection of the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in the school. However we are never complacent and firmly believe we can always do even better. Indeed our school’s vision statement is “Every day getting better in every way”!

If we develop our children from the inside, we develop them for life!

– Anonymous

“We are so happy with Glastonbury Thorn and feel very fortunate that our son is having such a brilliant start to his education.”.

– Parent